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Initial data on the Azerbaijan Republic State Social Protection Fund budget fulfillment in January-August, 2011

 According to initial data, during the months January-August  State Social Protection Fund revenues were 1337,5 mln. manats and it’s 212,9 mln. manats or 18,9 per cent more than corresponding period of 2010.

During reporting period incomes were 774,5 mln. manat increasing by 12,4 per cent or 85,1 mln. manat in comparison with corresponding period of 2010.


58,7 per cent or 455,0 mln manats out of total income is  up to non-budget sector’s share. Amount of pay-as-you-go payments paid by the sector mentioned has increased by 13,1 per cent or 52,6 mln manta in comparison with the previous year and the prognosis was fulfilled by 100,34 per cent. 
Process of covering individual persons who deal with entrepreneurial activity as well as landowners by social insurance has been strengthened. As a result, incomes on physical persons increased by 14,2 per cent, on landowners by 19,9 per cent.

Incomes on budget-financed organizations comprise 319,4 mln manta  in January-August, 2011. Pay-as-you-go dues on those organizations increased by 11,3 per cent or 32,5 mln manta  in comparison with the corresponding period of previous year and prognosis  was fulfilled by 91,0 per cent.
Incomes on other revenues (partial payment on sanatorium-resort repayment, so on) comprised 2,3 mln manat. 
560,7 mln manat of  transfer from state budget meant by prognosis  was transferred to the Fund’s Treasury.
Amount of incomes created convenient conditions for delivery of pensions and benefits in proper time.
Azerbaijan Republic State Social Protection Fund expenditures were 1321,3 mln. manat during January-August, 2011.

1291,6 million manat of financial means were directed to pension  and benefit financing during reporting period and it is 202,5 mln. manat or 18,6 per cent more than corresponding period of previous year.
Pension expenditures for corresponding period of 2010 increased by 18,7 per cent or 198,1 mln. manat and comprised 1256,0 mln. manat.
Allowances  of 35,6 mln. Manta were delivered to population during  first 8 months of 2011, of these 32,7 per cent was for pregnancy and childbirth, 27,0 per cent for temporary disability, 17,8 per cent for funeral benefits, 19,6 per cent was for other types of allowances.
Other expenditures of State Social Protection Fund of Azerbaijan Republic were 29,7 mln.manat (also11,8 mln.manat for State Social Protection Fund head office upkeeping, delivering pensions and allowances to population, 6,3 mln.manat for expenditures on service fee for realization of banking operations, 9,94 mln.manat for expenditures funded through  Azerbaijan Trade Union Confederation, 25,9 00 manat for expenditures on CIS countries  membership fee to Social Security Association, 359,7 00 manat for expenditures on personal accounting system application for the insured, 127,7 00 manat for expenditures meant for realization of measures conforming to  “State Program on development of insurance-pension system in Azerbaijan Republic in 2009-2015”, 35,1 00 manat for financing expenditures on “Funding Agreement between Azerbaijan Republic and International Development Association” (“Project on Social Development”)ratified by the order #449s of Azerbaijan Republic Cabinet of Ministers dated December 22, 2008, 1,1 mln. manat for repayment of wrongly delivered financial means) and it’s 6,3 mln. manat or 17, 5 per cent less than the indicator of corresponding period of 2010.

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